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With Media Center Control you can control the Windows Media Center or Windows Media Player with your Android Phone. No need to switch on your TV/display to listen to music or schedule TV recordings. In fact, the entire user interface is shifted to the phone to have quick access from a distance. MCC can't be compared with a conventional remote control. Take a look at the video. Because pictures often tell a thousand words. A list of features can be found here.


MCC has two components. Media Center Control is available on Google Play Store, AndroidPit and Amazon AppStore, where it can be purchased and installed. To make MCC work, you need in addition the MCC server for your Windows PC. You can download it from this site for free.
MCC Server download - User manual (PDF)

If they want to use the previous version of the MCC, as because the current version in the Amazon AppStore has not yet been released, you can still download it from here.
Download previous version of MCC Server


Please visit the MCC forums to get support.
MCC Forums




Listening to music, watch videos, movies, photography, television and radio content with Windows Media Center
You can remote control all your media content from your smartphone. The advantage of Media Center Control relative to the normal operation is that the current play is not covered by the Media Center user interface, as long as you look for other content. Find interesting content while the other audience look on undisturbed. No need to turn the TV or display on to start listen to music. 

Listening to music, watch videos and photography with Windows Media Player
If you don't use Windows Media Center, you can play just as well your files with the Windows Media Player. However, it is important to note that the Media Player can not play television content.

Easy and fast searching of music, video or TV content
Accessible at any time the search button can find your content quickly. Enter a search term and Media Center Control displays the results directly on your smartphone. Searching for an album title or a television program with a particular actor is easy.

Scheduling and playback of TV recordings
You can always schedule a recording with one fingertip. Just like you used to in the Windows Media Center. It supports single and series recording. You can configure recordings over the internet even when you are traveling. You will never miss a show again.

Fast connection via Bluetooth, WiFi, LAN, Internet
You can control all your media content from your smartphone. This is done automatically via a network connection (eg WLAN/WiFi). The setup is simple and must be performed only once. With an internet connection it is possible to remote control Windows Media Center or Windows Media Player over far distance. If you want even from another country. An internet connection and a router that has the appropriate port open, are a precondition for this. If your computer is switched off and you connect via network, MCC is able to wake your computer with Wake-On-LAN. It works via internet also, if your router is supporting this.

Playlists are supported. You can use your own or automatically created playlists. Media Center Control automatically creates playlists for videos. This allows videos consist of several parts to be viewed without interruption.

The Sleep Timer is easily accessible and programmable and shuts down your computer automatically

MKV support
Normally MKV files don't appear in the media library. Media Center Control adds the support for MKV automatically. Of course, all other formats that Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center can play back are supported also.

Minimum requirements

- Android 1.6 or newer, touchscreen, WiFi or internet.
- Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating system (For use with Windows Media Center, Windows 7 or Windows 8 is required.)
- PC with minimum 1,5 GHz CPU and 1GB memory (RAM)
- A connection from your Smartphone to the controlled computer via WiFi or other TCP/IP connection (eg Internet)

Media Center Control isn't supporting the Vista Media Center. With Windows Vista you can remote control Windows Media Player only. With Windows 7 or Windows 8 you can remote control Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center.

Android Rights

The MCC client must have the following Android rights, which are automatically assigned during installation. Let there be no misunderstanding, here are the required permissions are listed and briefly described.

Is required to establish a network connection between your Android sevice and your Windows computer.

Is required to save the covers to the sd card.

Is required to delay the automatic display suspend (if desired).
Is required to validate your Android- application- license.

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