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v1.6.5 changes
12-18-2013, 09:44 AM
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v1.6.5 changes
-Fixed huge localization bug. Unicode is now fully supported. All non latin characters (cyrillic, chinese etc.) should work now!
-TV recording pre-/postpadding settings are taken into account now
-New context option to add a TV show as a favorite
-Fixed popup menu bug with tv "show program"
-Fixed bug with tv "show schedules"
-New movie section with more options to browse (Genre, Year, Actor, Director, Rating)
-Fixed error while reading mymovies xml files (rating tag)
-Changed cover image engine
-Changed the default classic remote layout
-Added an option to reset to default classic remote layout
-Added an option into the server and client settings to clear the cover cache
-Fixed touch bug where list item was clicked instead of overflow icon
-Added popup menu for Android 3.0+ tablets instead of context menu when clicking a overflow icon
-Changed TextView scrolling to default marquee
-Limited width of menu drawer to 240dp
-Switched position of cover and drag&drop dragger
-Fixed: setting rating in play now view wasn't possible
-Touching the play now view opens current playlist
-TV now view now shows entrie is series or movie
-Changed minimum height of listview items to android default
-Removed the server startup splash screen
-Removed the client connection toast message
-WMC addin isn't starting the WMP player anymore if the player is set to WMP
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