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v1.6.3 changes
11-19-2012, 02:37 PM
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v1.6.3 changes
-Prepared for Windows 8
-Fixed bug where MCC stopped playing second album
-Fixed bug with duplicate album names
-New movies inventory engine
-The movie title now contains disc information
-Changed TV now update routine (maybe fixed bug for some users)
-Option to delete a recording
-Streaming radio titles are now updated continously
-Added "change computer" to the menu
-Added friendly computer display name
-Fixed WMC fullscreen problem where taskbar was in front
-Classic remote Windows/Start key acts the same way like hardware remote Start key now and can switch WMC Window to front
-Send WOL magic paket on port 7 & 9
-Playlist reordering now possible after display rotation
-Hide titlebar for small devices
-List is not blocked anymore on connection loss while searching
-Media title is now continously scrolling if text is to long
-Set ratings for ICS devices fixed
-Showing back arrow in actionbar
-Optimized volume control
-Added option to change volume key ammount
-Addin start message icon fixed
-Fading edges in list activated
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