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Feature Request - Classic Remote Info Display
12-24-2012, 03:25 PM
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Feature Request - Classic Remote Info Display
First of all: great piece of work. I'm using MCC very often with my Android.

I would like to raise a feature request for the classic Remote page: Most of the time I'm using the classic remote from another room from where I can't see the Media Center TV or I 've switched off the TV completely (and I only listen music).

It would be very nice to have some information of the current playback (music track/artist (most important for me), TV channel, radio station,...) displayed on the classic remote page. E.g. fixed at the top (not scrolling with the classic remote buttons). The feature should be optional (should be switched on/off to keep the layout of the classic remote available for user' who don't like it).

In case of any questions/comments, dont' hesitate to contact me.
Have nice x-mas, regards,
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