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Feature Request
01-16-2013, 10:17 PM
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Feature Request
Hi. I just installed this and it is exactly what I was looking for to complete my home bar jukebox system, with one lacking feature.

My request (without playing to hard with the system, please forgive me if this exists) would be the ability to add to a queue. Start playing a song, find another > add to queue. Maybe even take that a step further and allow one to save this recently created queue as a playlist.

Not sure if that's possible, or if it already exists, but the addition of a queue would make this the ultimate WMC/WMP remote by far.

Thanks for the hard work! Please keep it up!
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01-18-2013, 07:49 AM
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RE: Feature Request
Hi, long pressing an item pops up the context menu and you have the options you need. You can start them directly, add them to the end of the playlist or put them after the current item. Saving playlist is also supported. View a playlist and press the android menu key. Then choose save playlist and enter a name.
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02-01-2013, 06:16 PM (This post was last modified: 02-01-2013 06:28 PM by johnpwilton.)
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RE: Feature Request
That's awesome! Perfect! And I received my tablet wall mount today. I'll give everything a whirl tonight as a jukebox and report back!

Edit: Rather than starting a whole new thread I thought I would ask another question here. I'm having some trouble with viewing albums or artists, it just hangs then tells me it's connected to such-and-such server and goes back to the home menu. I think I may have some permission issues with my music folders on my external hard drive (there are locks shown on all of them). Can you tell me what permissions I need? Maybe how to get the locks off? I feel like that's my only issue. I was able to play a song, but then when I tried to choose another, by album, it went back home and was "connected" again.
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02-04-2013, 11:27 AM
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RE: Feature Request
Hi, best way for external drives is that you add your user account as "full control" on the drive explicit. Or just add "Everyone" can "full control" if you like to share the content with other Windows machines.

But if you are able to browse the media and covers on your drive with the Windows Explorer, MCC should do it also. If you get connected over and over again, maybe the MCC Server is crashing and restarting? Can you check this? Maybe you can send me a logfile of the server ("%localappdata%\MCC_Server\mcc_server_debug.txt")?
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