Which Bluetooth USB adapter?
There are some cheap blueooth USB adapter on the market. In principle, each bluetooth unit is supported, that has the serial profile. That should be almost all the devices on the market. It is recommended to use a bluetooth 2.0 device.

Does Media Center Control work only via Bluetooth?
No. You can also use a network connection (eg WLAN/Wifi). We usually recommend to use the bluetooth connection, because bluetooth uses less energy than, for example WiFi. With a network connection, it is possible to control the Windows Media Center or Windows Media Player over large distances from the internet.

What do I need to use Media Center Control on the internet?
Your computer must be connected to the internet. If you use a router or a firewall it must be configured, in order the port used by Media Center Control is forwarded. A proxy connection is not supported. Your phone also needs to connect to the internet.

Is Media Center Control for other smartphones available?
Media Center Control is available for Windows Mobile and Android devices. The development of the Windows Phone 7 version was stopped.

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